Education Funding


Our education grantmaking focuses on families and children in resilient communities that stand to benefit the most from our funding and partnership. Our work is centered in the Fort Worth/ North Texas region with some limited national funding.

Our focus areas are:

  • Scaling high-quality schools in the areas of greatest needs

  • Using outcomes to fuel continuous improvement

  • Ensuring all children birth to age 5 to have access to high quality learning environments

  • Ensuring empowered and effective leadership in every school




Scaling high-quality schools in the areas of greatest needs
RCF endeavors to support and scale high quality public schools through strategic investments both directly to school systems and to non-profit partners. We focus primarily on strategies within the school walls tied directly to improving student outcomes including:

  • Attendance

  • Behavior

  • Academic Achievement

  • Post-Secondary Success

  • School Climate and Culture

We seek to find a balance of funding proven, research-based methods  while also allowing for innovative ideas and pilots based on these strategies. Recognizing that ultimate student and school success also hinges on overall community health, grantmaking in this area also engages with nonprofit partners working on social emotional learning, wrap-around support services for students and families, and afterschool and summer learning opportunities.


Ensuring all children birth to age 5 to have access to high-quality learning environments
The first five years of life are the most significant for brain development. The pathways for cognitive, linguistic and behavioral functions created during these years are the basis for long-term success in school and life. This development is heavily influenced by the environment and adult-relationships that surround a child. Research has shown that nurturing, engaged, developmentally appropriate adult-child interactions in the early years are critical for a child’s future success.

 We believe every child should have high quality learning experiences at home, in the classroom and in the community so that they can grow up to be happy, healthy, successful adults. Our early childhood investments prioritize data-driven organizations, programs and initiatives that increase access to transformational early childhood learning for all children. We also recognize that families are a child’s first and most impactful teachers, and seek to support their role through investments in parent-centered educational and economic opportunities.


Ensuring empowered and effective leadership in every school
Through investments in research and implementation, we strive to embed best practices and new approaches, related to attracting, placing, developing and sustaining great school leaders. We observe firsthand that our school-level grantmaking is exponentially more impactful when paired with a strong leader who understands how to allocate limited resources, manage people and drive towards results. Strengthening principals has an incredible multiplier effect on the effectiveness of instruction, the health of school culture, and outcomes for students.


Using outcomes to fuel continuous improvement
Our mission is to drive student achievement through systemic change by:

  • Analyzing data and engaging expertise to inform action;

  • Activating the community to achieve shared results; and

  • Helping grow capacities of education systems and stakeholders.



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