About Our Founder


Richard E. Rainwater

Richard E. Rainwater grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in mathematics, and went on to earn his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He worked as an investment banker, but soon accepted an invitation from former Stanford classmate Sid Bass to manage and diversify the Bass family portfolio. Mr. Rainwater was principally responsible for numerous major corporate and real estate acquisitions and dispositions.

In 1986, Mr. Rainwater left Bass Enterprises to become an independent investor. During this time he founded and/or cofounded numerous successful firms, including ENSCO International, Columbia Hospital Corporation, Mid Ocean Limited, and Crescent Real Estate Equities, Inc. He was also part-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team.

In 1991, Mr. Rainwater established the Rainwater Charitable Foundation to improve the lives of children in the United States, specifically targeting those born into poverty. Since that time RCF has supported more than 500 organizations around the country. RCF strives to employ the same principles that Mr. Rainwater successfully used in his business career, focusing on leadership and scaling ideas that have been proven to work. More recently, RCF has begun supporting institutions that conduct research in the field of neuroscience through the Tau Consortium and other initiatives.

When he passed away in 2015, Mr. Rainwater had given more than $380 million to organizations working for the benefit of higher education, at-risk children and research associated with degenerative neurological diseases. Mr. Rainwater left nearly all of his estate for charitable purposes, primarily through the work of Rainwater Charitable Foundation.


Let’s give it all away. But let’s do it in a particular way, with our hearts and our minds. Let’s find what works and supports that.
— Richard E. Rainwater