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Family Economic Security Funding

Community Asset Building Funding

To increase family economic security, we are exploring and pursuing strategies to build assets within Fort Worth communities that contribute to positive, long-term outcomes for children. We believe that neighborhood-level and family-level assets – including physical and social capital – affect the potential for children and families to thrive. We are interested in strategies to:

  • Create wealth-building opportunities for families;
  • Invest in neighborhoods that have been historically disadvantaged and under-resourced; and
  • Remove barriers for families seeking to move to high-opportunity neighborhoods.

A broad range of community characteristics likely contribute to improved outcomes for children, including better schools, less segregation by income and race, lower rates of violent crime, and stronger networks in particular industries or fields of interest. We are interested in practices that promote these positive characteristics in places where they may not be as prevalent. In addition, we are working to increase access to neighborhoods that have a track record of improving outcomes for residents with lower income over time.

Housing affordability is often a primary barrier to accessing high-opportunity neighborhoods. We are particularly interested in increasing the stock of affordable housing and increasing access to homeownership opportunities that help families build generational wealth. We also recognize the urgency and transformative power of providing stable housing for vulnerable populations such as families experiencing homelessness and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Beyond our focus on housing, we have supported efforts to strengthen cultural assets and social capital in several Fort Worth neighborhoods. Assets like museums, parks, and community centers can provide space to honor a community’s history, deliver informal educational programs, and foster more meaningful relationships among neighbors.

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