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Tau Consortium

Clinical Readiness

Clinical readiness programs are one way to accelerate the development of new treatments for the tauopathies. These programs focus on clear needs to improve the success for future clinical trials. For instance, an area of high interest includes biomarker programs. Biomarkers can be used to diagnose, monitor, and track the progression of a tauopathy.

We focus on an emerging approach to discover and validate biological and genetic markers of disease. These efforts all are directed towards developing diagnostic tests which may also be helpful towards identifying new targets for treatment.

Another area of focus are programs that create and maintain patient directories. Patient directories not only help patients find doctors and healthcare providers, but they are a vital link between patients and clinical trials. Researchers use patient directories to help identify potential participants who meet the eligibility criteria for a clinical trial. This is often a time-consuming process, but patient directories simplify it by providing researchers with a database of relevant patients who have already been diagnosed with the condition being studied. 

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